Evangelical Lutheran Church
of Saint Mary
The Lutheran faith is one of the traditional confessions of Tomsk. Though Lutherans first appeared in the city soon after its foundation, a Lutheran congregation was not officially founded there until later, in 1751.

The Church of St. Mary is destined to become one of the city's highlights. Residents of Tomsk and tourists alike come to admire the building and take pictures both in the daylight and at night when the church is beautifully lighted. One can be sure that in the future no set of Tomsk postcards will be complete without this building.

19:00 — Vespers

15:00 — Bible study
17:00 — Common confession

12:00 — Liturgy

The Rev. Daniil Burlakov
Ordained on 8th December 2001
Congregation of St. Mary (Tomsk),
congregation of St. Luke (Urga)
Phone: (3822) 43-54-14

The Rev. Alexander Gun
Ordained on 18th November 2007
Congregation of St. Mary (Tomsk),
congregation of St. Luke (Urga)
Phone: 8-923-402-03-00
Contact us
Phone: +7 3822 43 54 14
Fax: +7 3822 56 54 45
Kartashova 28, Tomsk
Photo provided by Vladimir Leontiev.
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